About US. We are positively different!


CSPM is the only pest management company in Austin and surroundings owned and operated by a Ph.D. entomologist (a bug doctor), and therefore looks at your service with a professional eye, not just as a business account.

Dr. Faye (B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. from Texas Tech Univesity, Lubbock, TX), an entomologist owner and operator, is an internationally known scientist and member of several environmental organizations as well as fervent advocate in community strengthening. His approach in Pest Management encompasses more than providing relief and peace of mind to his customers, but also a significant contribution in educating the public through in public speaking in schools, neighborhood association, and environmental fairs and shows. He is a CEU provider owner and operator of the Texas Integrated Pest Management Institute (TIPMI).  

  • – Member of the India Neem Foundation International Consultative Board (www.neemfoundation.org)
  • – Member of the Malaysia World Herbal Conference Advisory Committee 2008 (www.herbalworld-expo.com)
  • – Expert Consultant on IPM Specialist for USAID and MCC African projects
  • – Founder of Senegal Neem Foundation (www.senegalneemfoundation.org)
  • – Founder of Africa Bound Corporation (www.africabound.org)
  • – Speakers in several international conferences on IPM
  • – Award Austin 1999 State Farmer Insurance Co. Unsung Hero of the Week in pest control
  • – Former Senior R&D Entomologist for Stet Corporation, Austin TX
  • – Member of the Texas Pest Control Association
  • – Former Senegal National R&D Senior Scientist for Cotton and Food Crop IPM program
  • – Founder of Africa Bound Corporation and Program leader of the African Eco-Village Project in Cedar Creek, TX