TIPMI – About

The Sponsor/Provider: Dr. D. D. Faye

Dr. D. D. Faye is a Ph.D. entomologist specialized in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) with a minor in Agronomy from Texas Tech University under Dr. Jim Leser, the late Dr. Leland Chandler and Dr. Harlan Thorvilson.  For the past 20 years, his focus has been on the holistic approach to community development, leading to empowerment, leadership and sustainability in all aspect of personal and community development.  Dr. Faye served as IPM or Pesticide Specialist Expert Consultant for several international entities working in Africa such as Chemonics International, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (US-MCC), the Dakar, West Africa Rural Foundation. Dr. Faye worked as the Senior R & D Scientist for Sphere Corporation and Stet Corporation, researching and developing fire ant and whitefly organic insecticide and plant and soil amendment liquid formulation.  Dr. Faye also served as Senior Scientist and IPM Entomologist for the West Africa Senegal Institute for Agricultural Research –ISRA- on Cotton and Food Crops.  He is a current member of the International Consultative Committee of the Neem Foundation, India, the Founder and President of Africa Bound Corporation and Senegal Neem Foundation, the organizer of the 6th World Neem Conference with more than 50 countries attending worldwide in November 2010 in Dakar, Senegal.  Dr. Faye is the founder, owner and operator of the Cedar Creek-based CommonSense Pest Management. He was nominated for and a winner of the1999 Award of the Austin State Farm Insurance and KFIT Station’s “ Unsung Hero of the Week” for his dedication to the community in pest control.  He is the author of several IPM publications and international mission reports.

The Speakers

From time to time, and according to the topic to be covered, TIPMI will invite eminent speakers, expert in the field being covered. We have, in our line up, entomologists, horticulturalists, environmentalists and related professionals: business consultants, industry representatives, and state regulators.  A list will be published soon. All the subjects to be covered by the different guest speakers will, of course, be recognized by the TDA/SPCS for CEU accreditation, except in those instances where the course is intended to have a focus on other, attendees not seeking CEU accreditation.

Our Approach

Our logo and motto illustrate perfectly our philosophy and practice in providing the best CEU program possible with the highest deontology and currency in the pest management business.  We think that Texas deserve a well grounded IPM education program for its pest management professionals.  As you may already know, the Goliath beetle is the strongest insect worldwide for its ability to lift and carry load.  Our education curriculum is that strong.  We promote an interactive approach in our classroom, with open field classrooms where possible.  While working in a relaxed atmosphere, TIPMI emphasizes and maintains, as the bottom line, the acquisition of new knowledge, beyond the traditional, routine CEU classes.